Art 125 – Class 10

Today I presented my final presentation for Digital Imaging I, it was a collage composition and incorporated most of the images that I encountered during my five week course that I loved. I am upset that my class is coming to a close but look forward to using my newfound skills in the future to create art for whatever I do in life.


Art 125 – Class 9

Today in class we learned how to make a gif using Photoshop! This was interesting because I thought that Photoshop could only be used to create static pictures but this was not the case. It seems fairly easy to loop images and make them move with the software. The main issue I ran into was having separate layers for each image because if you don’t and move one image in one section it will move the same image in all of the sections. It is also important to start and stop with the same image because that creates the seamless continuous loop that gif’s have. Every class Photoshop surprises me with what it can do!

Art 125 – Class 8

Today in class, which switched gears, ad began our cubist composition. It was a nice change of pace as I was becoming delirious with my bottles and working with the same project. After working up my cubist idea and creating what I wanted to make, Professor Krikun instructed me that my composition was more of a hyperrealist piece and needed a few changed to make it more cubist. My main subject in the composition was a garbage truck and she suggested that I cut it up into pieces and make it look like it was crashing apart with specific clips highlighted and left in the same position so you could still understand that it was a garbage truck. I think this is my best piece so far! I am so excited to present it.

Art 125 – Class 7

Today in class I presented by hyperrealist rough draft to the class, which served two purposes, one being a checkpoint for my progress and two being a mock presentation of my collage presentation, which I will give during the final class presentation. My peers and instructor gave me a ton of valuable feedback both complimentary and critical, which I interpreted and then made changes to my piece that, I thought, would make it better. I decided to make the bottles uniform and choose two plastic bottles, a clear/white one and a blue/clear one. I decided to make the Empire State building bottle a different one as it is such a unique building and I found a glass bottle, which fits and exemplifies the unique stature and shape of the building.

Art 125 – Class 6

Today I worked out all of the bottles for my hyperrealist piece, I made all of them silhouette like so that you could see the buildings through the bottles so it gave the viewer the impression that the people were either living in buildings, the bottles were the buildings or the bottles represented the immense amount of plastic that can be recycled. I had a range of bottles and glass jugs of different colors, shapes, sizes and varieties.

Art 125 – Class 5

My original idea for the hyperrealist piece proved to be much too difficult to accomplish especially when this was my first time using the software. I wanted to make a tree grow out of Times Square with plastic bottles growing off the tree like leaves. However the combined complexity of the background and the tree made the image very difficult for the eye to understand, comprehend and basically made it too crowded to look at. I then switched gears and decided to make buildings in Manhattan silhouetted by bottles.

Art 125 – Class 4

Today I decided on creating my hyperrealist piece on the New York City Recycles Organization. It is a great organization that is focusing on re-using and recycling most of our garbage that we usually send to landfills when we really can re-organize it and use it in a different way. I think this is an important and necessary organization especially when the climate debate seems to be ongoing with a future that needs to be addressed in order for a healthy planet and human population.

Art 125 – Class 3

Still familiarizing myself with all of the tools Adobe Photoshop has to offer. It is a very interactive and smart interface which allows the artist to do whatever the artist desires. I think it is neat how they incorporated traditional tools such as paintbrushes and pencils with more “digitized” tools like magic erasers and spot erasers which makes the artists job fixes imperfections and making the work the best that it can be. I still am trying to figure out how to work with the specific layers but have made great strides today figuring out how to isolate and work with each layer individually.

Art 125-Class 2

Today in Art 125, we learned how to touch up old pictures and correct imperfections. We used two tools which worked fairly quickly and with ease. W then were instructed to find and cut out images that we would use for our hyperrealist composition.